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Carpet Cleaning in Cardiff

Put simply, the quality we offer is unbeatable - we use a specialist machine that has been purpose built for speed and efficiency. Because of this we can clean carpets much more quickly than others with conventional ‘portable’ carpet cleaning machines. Our machines are designed to deliver enormous amounts of suction, as well as helping to deliver outstanding results this also helps newly cleaned carpets dry very quickly. Typically carpets cleaned by us will be dry in just 2-3 hours.

Our machine is driven by a large diesel powered engine and we bring our own softened water meaning we don't need to use your electricity and water. On top of this we use our own bespoke mineral based cleaning solution, this was specifically engineered for us and leaves no residue, smell or stickiness and it's fully organic and ecological.

Once we arrive at your premises I will talk through the whole process with you and ensure you understand the kind of results you should expect. Even with the most problematic carpet stains our specialised machine and carpet cleaning solution often surprises clients removing stains and returning their carpet to a state they never though possible.

Some of our clients ask to see the water that the machine has used to remove stains and dirt from your carpet. I'm always happy to show you, although many clients are shocked at the results. Oftentimes the water is near black and smells strongly of fermenting - even from the cleanest of homes. This is because as much as 85% of the dirt in a carpet is stored at the very bottom, places where a traditional vacuum cleaner just can't reach.

I provide friendly, professional carpet cleaning in Cardiff.

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