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Rug Cleaning in Cardiff

Dirt and miniature creepy crawlies tend to collect in the rugs in your home - we find this is often worse in homes with pets, after all who wouldn't want to curl in in front of the fire on a nice soft rug?! Unfortunately, because of the way rugs are designed all of the dirt that gets onto a rug tends to sink to the bottom. This is why rugs require a "deep" clean, and ideally should be professional cleaned each year to improve their life and to keep them looking fresh.

Basically rugs are cleaned in a similar way to carpets, but as we mentioned above due to the depth and length of the piles and the often intricate patterns we often need to perform further tests for example testing colourfastness. Whilst this can be done in your home, it does add a little additional time and can slightly increase the time required for everything to fully dry out.

If it suits you better we can often remove the rug from the property, professionally clean and dry it, before returning it to your property. Rugs can be very thick and this can hinder drying times, this is another excellent reason to opt for me to remove the rug for cleaning.

We find this service is very popular due to the unbelievable results we can obtain!

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